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Monitor Audio SFX speakers dipole or bipole?


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I have recently moved house and have started installed my home cinema in pretty much the same way as it was before.

I have remembered that the monitor audio speakers that I have got can be set up for dipole or bipole. What are the main differences? I have got the speakers on the side walls slightly back from the listening position.

I have also got some spare bipole eltax speakers knocking around. Would I get much benefit from adding them in on the back wall and getting a 7.1 system?

My system is Monitor Audio S6, SLCR and SFx, powered by a Denon 2805 and a BK Monolith sub.


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Dipole is for the side walls. One side of the speaker is out of phase with the other which creates a more diffuse surround field. Bipole should be used if placing them on the rear walls. In Dipole mode, the speakers need to be placed on the correct wall, they should be marked Left and Right.


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There's no hard and fast as to whether you should use di or bipole configuration.

The difference between the two is that in bipole mode both sides of the speaker are in phase and dipole places one side out of phase to the other.

The only hard rule is that the drivers that remain in phase regardless of the mode, should face the front speakers, or outwards if running on the back wall. There should be an arrow on the back of the speaker to indicate the forward direction.

In practice, flick the switch and see which you find preferable.

As regards the rear speakers, try them and see if you think its worth it. Odd, or long shaped rooms can benefit, but unless you're running program material which has discretely encoded rear channels (like the new HD sound formats) you may not notice much difference.

A note of caution. You have a fairly large set of speakers to drive already, and you may find the 2805 has it's work cut out already, without further subdividing it's power reserves amongst more speakers. Adding extra speakers definitely won't improve the quality on offer from the existing speakers.



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I have now just got hold of another set of SFX speakers, so I was wondering what combination would be likely to sound best, in terms of dipole or bipole?

My rears are a couple of metres behind and the sides are fairly close (it is a fairly long room)

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