Monitor Audio RX1 - suitable for NAD C370?


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Hi all,

Just taking my first forays into the word of Hi-Fi separates and have purchased a NAD C370 of these very forums.

I'm now looking to get a pair of bookshelf speakers around the £400 mark.

The Monitor Audio RX1s seem to fit the bill and I'll be auditioning them against the B&W 685's.

On the RX1's website it states that Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS) is between 25-80w, 6 ohms. Would my amp, which is rated at 120w + 8ohms, be too powerful or somehow not correctly drive the speakers? Very confused about this with being such a newbie in this area :facepalm:

Any help and recommendations would be appreciated.
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Nope; the NAD C370 will drive the M/A RX1's very well indeed. As would the B&W 685's :)

Both very good speakers so it'll be interesting to hear your feedback.

Youre better off having an amp with more power than needed than an amp with not enough power; you just need to make sure that you dont drive the speakers too loud but you'll be fine.

About 10 o'clock, maybe nearer to 11 o'clock will be more than enough!

Have you budgeted for speaker stands as well? The likes of the Atacama Nexus 6i's (preferably mass loaded with atabites) would be spot on


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Thanks for the prompt response Dan its helped alleviate any fears re: speakers!

Will take a look at the stands as I did set around £50-100 for these.

Do you know anything about DACs as I intend to feed the amp FLAC files from my PC. Just wondering if the CA DacMagic is the best bet and if I have to downsample any 5.1 soundtracks (DD or DTS) into 2 channel on my PC?


Not sure aboue the downsampling but the C/A Dacmagic is very good indeed. I've heard it a few times with various systems and it doesn very well ;)

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