Monitor audio RSFX or Radius R225 Hd


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Hi I finally got round to upgrading some of my equipment. I have just bought a Pioneer LX-82 amp and a LX52 Blu-ray along with 3x B&W FPM6's for L/C/R duties. I now wish to replace my surrounds and am torn between Monitor audio RSFX or Radius R225 Hd but am open to other suggestions. I would like to get the B&W DS6's but cannot afford much past the £200-£250 mark. The chosen speakers would be wall mounted as the room isn't the largest.
Any help or views would be gratefully received as these will complete my spending for a while


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In terms of sound quality the RS range in above the Radius HD range. Hence for the same money the RSFX would represent the better value for money.
However the RS are dipole/bipole speakers and the Radius are more like a conventional speaker.
Depending on your room layout will depend which speaker will perform better. By the sounds of it you have a small room so I assume your sofa backs onto or very close to the rear wall. If this is so then the RSFX would be the way to go. If you have space behind the sofa then the more conventional radius hd may be better.


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Hi and thank you for the reply. My room is about 4.5 meters long and I am currently running a 7.1 set up with Linn 5110’s and a rel sub. The surround backs are slightly behind but mounted above our heads pointing down. The surrounds are in the normal side position at head height. I was going to keep the Linn’s for surround backs.

I do prefer the look of the RSFXas they are a little bit more unobtrusive but am slightly worried by their power handling when coupled with the LX-82. The 225 HD’s may look a little odd but will still fit in the room quite nicely. I watch mainly movies and TV with a little multi channel music thrown in. I Guess I really need to go and demo both.
Thanks you for your help. Mark


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I used to use RSFX as surrounds on the back wall in a 5.1 config . I then wanted to try 7.1 but another pair of RSFX wouldn't fit and I didn't want to mix the surrounds so I sold the RSFX and bought four R225HD. I put a pair on the back wall where the RSFX used to be and a pair on the side wall in the recomended position slightly behind and above the listening position.

I was surprised at the amount of extra detail I heard in the surround sound with the R225HD speakers. This may have been down to the optimum side positioning as well as the direct firing nature of the R225HD compared to the sound spreading bipole RSFX type.

I also found I could listen to multi-channel music and use matrix modes such as PLII effectively with the R225HD whereas with the RSFX I had to stick to stereo music.

Funnily enough I also found that 7.1 didn't bring any benefits and after using the backs to experiment with height channels with my PLIIz/DSX equipped pre/pro, I sold the back R225HD pair and am currently running 5.1 again.


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Cheers for that info IRobot I must admit that I like the pin point steering I'm getting at the moment with the Linns so will have a good look at the HD's.

I am yet to try out the fpm's and must admit that since I bought the BD player and amp my speakers have since had a 2nd lease of life. i was amazed how well the lx-82 performs and with the clarity and sheer oomh (technical term) of the HD sound track.

My old ax10 was no slouch and my initial reaction to looking at the lx-82 was build quality is not a patch on the ax-10, but fair dues the thing rocks sonically. So I have big hopes when I get my new speakers

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