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monitor audio radius


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seen these speaker in my local shop,think they look great the other half thinks so to but are they any good.if any one can give any advice on them be very helpfull also thinking of the denon reciever reviewed in what hi fi this month to go with them?


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I have them, they're excellent speakers. Can you give me a bit more information about how you'll be using them, which ones you're thinking of getting and what equipment you're going to be pairing them up with?


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Im about to buy the radious range too, 7.1 setup, 4 x 90s rear and sides, r225 for the front and 2 x r2702 front left and right and the new r720 base! I have been working on getting the speaker cables in the walls this weekend, £5 a meter of the monitor audio pureflow, brought 30m on friday after work and run out, need at least another 15m.

Putting the cables up though is a pain in the ass, but the guy at the shop was helpful, made me a template for the r90 brackets so i know where to put the cables and gave me a template for the centre r225.

Gunna also get the Denon 3806 when it comes out in this country, hopefully before christmas and also panasonic TH-50PHD8BK then I will be all done.


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i like the little iddy biddy ones...lol...cant remember the model number now, they just tiny cubes (damn heavy tho for their size)........i'm tempted to get them and hook them up with my spare Quake sub for computer use.....if only i had the spare moolah atm.......


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tell me about it! I need another job I think.

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