Monitor Audio Radius HD One - biwiring as a centre speaker?


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Hi there
I'm new to building a surround sound system so forgive the daft questions! I have a Denon AVRx4200 and have started collecting second hand Monitor Audio speakers to build a 7.1.2 system (or maybe a 5.1.4 - not yet decided). Anyhow - I have a Radius 225 for my centre and the rest are currently old stereo speakers and a passive sub (which I power through an additional amp) which I will gradually replace. I recently bought a Monitor Audio HD One as it was a bit of a bargain and I thought perhaps I could biwire (or tri-wire if there's such a thing) it and use it as a centre and use my 225 elsewhere or sell it. Would it do any harm to my 4200 or the speaker itself to wire up the connectors in the way I'm suggesting and has anyone any experience doing this? [The other option I thought of was using it as an overhead or rear heights (using L/R channels). My home cinema is a vaulted ceiling so it would fit well.]
If it helps I also have a AVR 1910 (which I started on a few months ago before upgrading) and would like to use this if I can to make optimal use of preouts / HDMI 2nd zone from the 4200 for surround/height/overheads (if that makes any sense)
Thanks for any advice


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The HD One is not designed for use as a centre speaker. Most surround setups have only 1 dedicated output for the centre ch so no it would not be a good idea to do what you propose, If you were to wire all 3 internal speakers in parallel together making one big speaker it would put a high load (low impedance) across the centre ch amplifier and possibly damage it or make the amp shut down as it will not be able to cope with a load of less than 3 Ohms. I would just use your 225, that should be plenty good enough.

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