Monitor Audio Radius Amateur Review

Dr Force

Distinguished Member
I was persuaded to install the above speakers instead of the KEF 3005's by my local retailer.

So after first listening to the KEF's and feeling somewhat underwhelmed, I decided to demo his reccomendation.

I span two disks (saving private ryan & star wars attack of the clones).

The first thing to notice is the superb build quality, there is a nice solid weight to them with wonderful rounded edges to take away the boxy feel.Piano black oosed quality and gave a stylistic appearance without detracting from the fact that it is a speaker and clearly built for that purpose and that purpose only.

The stands are very solid and the connections to the speakers sit at the bottom of the stands with the speaker unit clipping onto a facia, this is great as you do not see any cabling hanging out the back and you do not have to fiddle around with nuts and bolts to get a sturdy and stable fix.

The fronts consisted of 2x 90's and a centre 225, the surrounds were the minature cube like 45's with my sub choice of the 360.

Unfortunately my choice of the 180's left and right and then 90 surrounds was not available so we settled on the above to get a feel of the overall sound stage, I will be going for my set up as I want to eventually put it in my dedicated room in the near future so I am willing to compromise on utilising the power now and not upsetting the neighbours, thus transfering the kit into my HC room without the need to upgrade but safe in the knowledge I can take my ears off:devil:

So I slipped in Saving Private Ryan immediately going to the opening beach scene.

The waves crashed against the shore and made great use of the compact sub without giving its location away, moving from left to right the sound was smooth and stable and I immediately knew that this was the real deal (big smile appeared from nowhere).

The doors dropped on the transporer and the bullets whistled and blitzed thier way from the rears to the fronts at a pace I had never heard before maintaining stability and clear authority without losing any detail it sounded superb:D

As the shells dropped the Sub surprised me moving a large amount of air whilst it remained tight and inconspicuos, vibrations were all around me rather than to the righ/left etc, it only added to the immersion.

I hunted through the scenes, listening to dialogue from the centre speaker is the best I have heard, it was clear and distinguishable at high volumes, even when the battle raged I could easily recognise the voices.

It also handled low frequencys well, only complimenting the whole system and again, not giving away its position.

After a good 45 mins, I slipped in Star Wars.

The score was rich and vibrant extremely cinematic and brought another big smile to my face, The sub flexed its muscles and was worked a little harder by the larger ships passing by but still held it position in the system well.

The rear sound stage surpised me, at higher volumes it was still very difficult to pin point the source of the sound, except for when it was meant, clarity, dynamics and mid range bass were excellent.

Even at very loud volumes there was no distortion it remained a complete unit, a system designed to give the likes of me with a modest set up the sort of thrills only usely produced by a £2-3k peice of kit.

To summarise I would say anybody looking for a HC system to fill a room 3m x 5m or even less then this will pick you up, shake you about and bring you inside the movie. Sensory overload after 2 hours of this system was what I was looking for in my speaker upgrade and to that end it delivered a 10/10 performance.

Build 9/10
Looks 9/10
Fronts 9/10
Centre 10/10
Rears 9/10
Sub 9/10

Whitley Lad

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Nice review mate- and I'd back up your comments 100%. I did though decide not to go for the sub when I put my set up together.

Glad you're as happy as I am.

Dr Force

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Worth every penny IMO, £1100 for 2x 180 2x 90 1 x225 1x 360 sub and a pair of black stands.

I could probably get it cheaper but i want to support my local retailer who has been excellent with advice and sorting out my faulty plasma.

now then wheres that credit card......................:devil:


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I got my Monitor audio's around a year ago. My set up is 4x90's - 2 fronts, 2 rears, a 180 center and a 360 sub, all the speakers are wall mounted using MA supplied brackets. It sounds great in my lounge and really well balanced compared to my old set up. Thats the advantage of having everything from 1 maker (IMO).

I got mine from Richersounds in Ireland for around £700, much cheaper than anywhere I could find them in england.

Dr Force

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I agree that it must sound better if all the speakers are the same manufacturer.


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i've often toyed with the idea of getting a Radius setup for the spare room, mostly used by mum but i have reason to pop in there every now and again....its a relatively (to this house) small room at around 10x12 (would be 12x12 except for an airing cupboard taking up most of one and the Radius would fit in rather nicely, 2 x 90's, 180, 2 x45' Sherwood amp could cope with them despite its age, probably pick up a BK XLS200 to sit under the desk.......just a shame i cant afford to do this at the moment, more important things to buy next time money comes my way :devil:

all i can say is, if you get to the point where you dont have to worry about the speakers being small and you like MA's family sound, then just go whole hog and ramp up to Gold....heh....

Dr Force

Distinguished Member
I don't think I would ever have a room big enough for the Gold's:( as they would need plenty of room to breath which I will not get in my HC room:thumbsdow

However, I must admit that I had never really considered the MA family before, but its clear they produce a fine set of speakers.

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