monitor audio radius 90 vs gallo diva se


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Hello experts,

I am looking for small speakers (WAF) that are an upgrade for my existing gallo micro-se speakers set (5.1) for small home theater use .
As a subwoofer I'm using a SVS-SB-2000.

What would you guys prefer ?

Gallo Diva Se or Monitor Radius 90

Personally I think the radius are going to give a better sound, and they are a little cheaper.
Am I correct?
Comments are greatly appreciated.


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Radius would be my pick from those two, preferably 270 with 200 center channel. I chatted about those Gallos with my dealer many years ago as i was intrested those and in that other balloon brand (US) that i always forgot. Thank god it was some silly phase with tiny speakers that went away. They are very expensive, but that applies to most small/lifestyle products. No doubt for the size they sound great, but if you don´t have to go such small then don`t.

If you can spend little more go for Monitor Audio Apex A10, at least for the LCR and use the cheaper Radius 90 as surround sides. You might see them as 2nd hand and also sometimes sold as each (ex-demo/ex-display) so you could get full A10 system if the A40 is too wide for center channel (it´s very low in depth)!

See post #140, member got em yesterday! There is also gloss white finish available.

I see you have quality subwoofer and probably good receiver too. Speakers are the last thing you want to skimp/save on..

Here is picture from AVF members of the Radius 270 with 200 center channel for your wife. I believe the 270 will cost almost same as the Gallos so would be within your budget if you got the floorspace. They would have bit more weight/depth and power handling over the 90s. Bit more meat on bones!



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