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Monitor Audio R90 for music?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Gwisely, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Gwisely


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    Has anyone had any experience on how well the monitor audio Radius R90s cope with music? I've heard that the packaged sub is not considered up to scratch but hooking up a Rel Stampede sub gives a better sound. I was considering getting these for a home cinema set-up but would probably use it more to listen to music. Anyone bought these already? :)
  2. dazed&confused

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    Mar 12, 2005
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    Kettering, Northants

    I auditioned the Monitor Audio Radius R270, which is the floor-standing equivalent of the R90. I only auditioned them on music because that is what I was mostly looking for. I had two separate auditions (in two different dealers) and thought they were excellent for what they were. The great thing for me was their size, being a very slim speaker, and they look good too.

    I thought the sub intergrated quite well, but on some music it gave itself away (it detracted a bit from the music) because of its lack of speed more than anything, but not to the extent suggested by a review I read and only on some music. I would imagine you could improve it with something like a REL stampede and probably find a wood finish that would be a reasonable match if you were willing to pay the extra.

    In fact, I wanted to get four R270's and a REL but just couldn't afford £1600 on speakers. In the end I was lucky enough to find a set of Castle Compacts on ebay. They don't look anywhere near as nice as the floor-standing R270's in my opion (and not as compact) but since coming on this forum buying 4 floor standers would have been a mistake anyway since, it seems, the rears are better higher up the wall than at ear level.

    I would definately recommend an audition of the Radius range end encourage you to look at the R270's as well as the R90's for the front, if you can afford the extra.

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