Monitor Audio In wall and ceiling speakers

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Has anyone bought the in wall speakers or ceiling ones. If so how do they compare with the RS5's and the RSFX. I was thinking of replacing my rear RS5's with some in wall speakers.

I was thinking along the lines of W280's.

Any advice would be great also on how easy they are to install. I have a new house so just dabbed plasterboarded walls onto breeze blocks.




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I fitted some W280LCRs into a friend's house recently as the fronts in a 6.1 setup (there was no room for a centre) and they sounded great. They're a doddle to fit as long as you can run the cable to them. They supply you with a template to draw round and then you just batter a jab saw through the plasterboard and hack away, they have about a 1" lip so you don't actually have to be that accurate when cutting (although I made sure I was just because I like to take pride in my work even if people can't see it).

I liked them so much I got some W380LCRs for my bedroom ceiling which I fitted last night. They're plugged into a Sonos ZP120 and sound brilliant! I replaced my GR10s with AE1mk3s a while ago and have been longing after the MA sound because, personally, I think it's great, so good I'm looking to swap the AEs for some MA Platinums if I can.

In terms of acoustics the cabinet of speakers is an integral part of the design and the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are missing this but they still sound great to my ears.

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