Monitor audio gs60 speaker binding posts / speaker cable.


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Hello all

I am thinking about changing my speakers to Monitor audio GS60's :D at the end of the year but I will probably be getting some new loudspeaker cable first.

What I was wondering are the speaker binding posts near the top of the GS60's or near the bottom. This information will help me get the correct length of speaker cable.

The speaker cable I am thinking of getting is Townshend audio Isolda DCT cable. Does anyone have any experiance of this cable with Monitor audio GS60's?

Are the GS60'S a big step up from my Studio 20 se's

Regards Phil...


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sadly i never got to hear some of MA's older stuff (ie the Studio series) as much as i spent time admiring their looks in adverts in What hifi and the 7oaks window in

however i can say the GS60's are staggeringly good speakers, they hit concert level volumes without a strain providing the amplification is good enough.......they suit classical and jazz first and foremost, but can happily punch out a dance track......conventional rock is still very good, but is probably their weaker point.......bass is tight and powerful, midbass is snappy an well timed, midrange is airy and realistic, and high trebles are delivered crisply without distortion.....altho like most MA's they do tend towards the brighter sound, but if you like that you'll love them :)

or in other words i want them....just cant afford

as for inputs, not quite sober enuff atm to remember for sure, but i'm fairly confident they are towards the bottom of the speaker....heh

oh and they work just fine on MA's own Pureflow cable.....dont really see any need to spend anymore......

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