Monitor Audio BX2 speaker stands: Atacama / Custom Design / Sound Style


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I'm having a pair of Monitor Audio BX2 speakers used with a Sonos ZP120 2x55W multimedia device. I am planning to buy some stands for these speakers and I need your advice. Until now, I've had spotted some models and I've read some reviews about them:

Atacama Aurora 6
Atacama Duo 6
Custom Design FS104
Sound Style Z2

The budget is about 300USD/200GBP. Also, consider that the external dimensions of BX2 are:

(H x W x D)
350 x 185 x 255 mm
13 3/4 x 7 5/6 x 10 1/16 inches

The room is quite small and it has about 3m x 5m. I've chose these type of speakers due to the front bass reflex (so I can put them close on the walls), good frequency response and perfect impedance match with my amp. Finally, I'm having a Sonorous PL2500 TV stand in black for my LED TV and other equipment. In future, probably I will use these speakers with a Marantz NR1603, but I haven't decided yet to this purchase.

Your advice would be kindly appreciated!

Thank you,


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I would add a vote for Apollo Olympus 6s... they are really solid and can be filled with bags of sand/shot easily to increase stability. They are approx £100. I recently bought some of these to match a pair of AVI ADM9s which are 200mm(w)x250mm(d).

In another room, I use some Atacama Nexus 6s, which I've had for nearly 10 years and they have served me very well.

Both are good but I prefer the single column design and stability of the Apollo's. Just my 2 pennies worth. :)


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If you are anywhere near Cardiff, I have some Atacama Nexus 6i stands I'll be getting rid of in a couple weeks.


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I got mine with some atacama's look nice and sturdy. When i tested the bx2's tr stands were recommended. I managed to get a pair for only £20 off ebay. Was well pleased.


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Hey nice one, hope you enjoy the speakers anything from atacama and soundstyle would be fine!


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I had bx2's on a set of atacama hms2 stands which are very solid weighing around 14kg each empty.

Have a look on amazon cause they were £179 a set if they have them instock still.

The top plates are actually abit wider than the bx2's but the sound was fantastic.

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