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Monitor Audio Bronze W10 (x2) Noise


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Further to a lengthy discussion I have been having over in the Yamaha AVR-XA owners thread here:

Yamaha RX-A1060 - 2060 - 3060 Owners Thread

The time has come to take the discussion to a separate thread.

I have now tried pretty much everything to stop this rumbling coming from both my W10 subs and I am down to just two options as I see it. I can either invest in a power conditioner/UPS with filters (such as the Furman units: Elite Series 240V | Furman Power | Purifying power for over 40 years.) or I can turn the sub volume controls down to the 10 o'clock position until the noise is not audible and rerun the YPAO calibration on the Yamaha RX-A3060 to allow it to calibrate and increase the output levels to compensate for the sub volumes being reduced.

The latest testing I have performed (from previous suggestion in the thread above) was to turn off all circuits in the house at the fuseboard and only have the sockets on in the room where the subs and AVR etc are located. I did this and had only the subs plugged into the power, with everything else in the house switched off. The rumbling noise is still present.

I have noted that unplugging the RCA signal cables from the subs does reduce the noise somewhat but does not eliminate it. The RCA cables are new QED Performance Miniature Subwoofer cables so I would expect them to not have or cause any issues but it seems they do increase the noise. Although, I have tried multiple RCA cables from the cheapest and crappiest up to the 24k Gold plated High Grade OFC and the QED Minis and they are all the same as far as this noise issue goes.

Given all of the testing and elimination ideas I have now performed, I can only come to the conclusion that I have poor AC power coming into the house (most likely) or it is a problem with the house electrics internally (I have my doubts as it is all newly built and fitted in 2010). As the subs do not make this noise at my friends house in another town, even with the volume control at maximum, then it is not the subwoofers that are faulty. It cannot be the Yamaha AVR as even with it switched off and disconnected from the subs they still rumble.

One other thought that came to mind is that I live not too far away from RNAS Culdrose Naval base in Cornwall and they obviously have radar equipment etc. This may be another possibility for the source of the noise. I have my doubts as I would probably have some form of interference in other gear around the house or coming out of the speakers as well as the subs.

I cannot think of any other causes, tests, options or means to solve this but those already suggested in the other thread.

I appreciate all the help and advice given!


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Not sure who mentioned they didn't know what a UPS it stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply and is normally designed to protect equipment from power cuts and brown outs. Usually used with computers and servers.

Some of the more expensive ones do a clean\conversion to DC then convert back to AC. If you run it off batteries you are not using AC at all. The cheaper ones don't produce a nice AC sine wave so it can cause issues with some equipment.


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I said this in the other thread - "Have no idea about borrowing one though, I don't know anyone that has one or would even know what a UPS is for that matter."

What I was saying was that no-one that I know would have a UPS that I could borrow and they wouldn't know what a UPS is, most people are not tech savvy, at least not the people I know. I know what one is and how they work etc.

I've just ran YPAO again with the subs set at 10 O'clock on the volume controls and looking at the channel levels in the setup now, it has compensated and increased the levels. Just going to put some content on and see how it sounds now. The rumbling is gone. I may not have actually fixed the cause of the issue but this is the only compromise without spending any money.


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So supplying a higher level "low level signal" input signal is better in this case. So there could be some susceptibilities in the preamp stage of the sub that your local issue causes....

Do you get any noise\rumbling when only the power cord is plugged into the sub. i.e. no input from amp?


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Yes it's all good, no rumbling and sound is not affected negatively. Silence is golden!

I've been listening to music in 2 channel, a live concert in 5.1 and the Dolby Atmos demo discs. The subs are outputting the same as they did before, with the level increases that YPAO has now set. If I turn the sub volume control back up to 11 o'clock or beyond then the rumble comes back and gets louder as the volume is increased, exactly as it did before running the YPAO again. 10 o'clock is the sweet spot to stop the noise.

Just power connected to the subs gives the same rumbling as when connected to the AVR but unplugging the RCA signal cables does reduce it a little.

I did look at those APC UPS and may still invest in one for piece of mind and if it helps with the noise as well then that will be a bonus but the noise is no longer going to be a problem.

Finally I can relax and enjoy the system and get it run in. It's sounding fantastic now and should only get better over time. I'm happy!

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