Monitor Audio Bronze Centre - Audyssey Crossover set high


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I recently purchased Monitor Audio Bronze speakers - 2 Bronze 2 bookshelves, 2 Bronze FX rear speakers, and a Bronze centre.

Upon running Audyssey setup on my Denon 3500 it detected the Bookshelves (the Bronze 2's) and the FXs crossover at 60hz which is great but much to my annoyance it picked up the centre at 90Hz which is high. All speakers were detected as all small. I have a subwoofer from my old setup still (I'm saving up for a BK one to replace it)

Ideally I want them all set to 80hz as I think that's THX spec for rolling off to the subwoofer. Raising the front L and front R and the rear surrounds to 80hz is no problem but I gather lowering the centre is a bad idea as the room EQ that Audyssey set will not apply below 90hz.

Having just spent more on speakers than I ever have before, where the centre is rated down to 60hz, I'd really like to "get the most" of out them. I had a similar issue with my old (cheaper) setup - Wharfdale DX1 - where Audyssey was detecting the centre at 120hz (and a whopping 150hz when using the mobile app to calibrate instead), when the manufacturer spec was 80hz. So it might be my room I guess - although the other speakers seem to get detected fine.

I've taken some pics of my new setup:

The first picture is taken from the listening position. I've angled up the speaker and to me it looks like it's pointing approx at my face when sitting - and this is where I'm putting the Audyssey calibration microphone, on the included cardboard stand.

The second picture is a step back to show the listening position on the right of the sofa.

The third picture is showing the speaker angled up. The little rubber feet did not angle it up enough so I have wedged something soft under there for now (it's a neoprene wallet for a tablet folded up, I think). Not sure if anything better would help? I think some people use squash balls? This picture also shows that the speaker is proud of the edge of the cabinet. It also shows my TV cabinet is in a terrible state.

I suppose the coffee table could be causing some reflection of sound but moving it is non negotiable (WHERE WOULD I PUT MY COFFEE!?!?) and with the speaker aiming up and away from it towards my face I would hope it wasn't making that much difference.

Maybe I'm getting too hung up on the numbers Audyssey gives me and I should just keep the centre at 90hz (and up the others to 80hz) but Audyssey refusing to appreciate the full range of my shiny new speaker is irritating me. Plus I thought it was best to have the roll off of the front 3 speakers the same for a consistent sound stage. Yes I could increase the left and right speakers to 90hz as well but that might annoy me more! :)

Any advice for anything I can tweak to improve the perceived range of my centre in my room setup would be appreciated.... or just tell me I'm being dumb for worrying too much about it!



More than likely that table is throwing reflections, hence the high crossover.


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You’re being dumb for worrying so much about it. 10hz higher is not a major deal. I have front with 12” mid range drivers and cross at 100hz.


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Nothing wrong with a 90hz crossover. Mine is set at 96hz whereas my L and R are at 80hz as this gives me the smoothest response over the xo.

80hz generally isn’t that great imho, I’ve always had better sound from 90hz upwards.

My speakers have an in room response down to 22hz btw.


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You’re being dumb for worrying so much about it. 10hz higher is not a major deal. I have front with 12” mid range drivers and cross at 100hz.

They must be big ass speakers!! 😎

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