Monitor Audio BR6 & BR5's for a Cinema set up


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With the help of people on these forums I've decided on a Sony STR DA5200ES amp and now I need to decide on a speaker set up.

What do you think of:

1 pair Monitor Audio BR6's
1 pair Monitor Audio BR5's

Velodyne spl-800i subwoofer

Monitor Audio BRLCR centre speaker.

What do you reckon? Is this overkill, and would I get more or less the same out of something like the Monitor Audio R90-AV-12 package.

The other option is Duo-77A's but the styling is a little bling for my front room.


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if the room is massive go for the BR6's, if the room is under 18x12 (approx) then go for the BR5's.......

however dont rule out the RS6's if you were considering the BR6' lose some of the sheer sound pressure levels obtainable, but the quality difference will be apparent....

some people think buying floorstanders if mostly for movie use is pointless, but it isnt, those bigger cabinets and extra drivers give you more potential for massive sound experience......even the lower bass drivers hit frequencies above 80hz, so are still performing......


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To be honest the room at the moment is very small but in a couple of months we'll be moving to somewhere else where we should have a lot more room, but I have no idea of room dimensions atm.

I want to use them for Music too. the system will be 20% games, 50% Movies & TV and 30% Music.

Are the BR5's too much for rear speakers? Why should I not have the BR6's for a smaller room?

The system as I've mentioned it costs less than a Monitor Audio Radius R90AV-12 system. I'm confused (being a noob) about what the relative merits of either system are.


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large floorstanders will sound bloated if they are in a small room with no space to breathe.....essentially the pressure level from the bass drivers is too much and it can in some cases be painful on the ears......

normally they like to be a good 1m away from boundaries (ie walls) in every can get closer to walls with them, but its rarely going to improve the sound, more likely detract....

the largest speakers in ranges from companies like MA are often made more with the USA market in mind where they have quite large wood based houses that soak up bass.......the UK market tends to find itself suited more to the second to largest model unless you own a particularly large house.....

however, you might like your music with massive presence in which case having the biggest speaker will impress you, but it may not sound amazing due to the limitations of the rooms acoustics...the smaller model might still hit levels of volume that make you happy with less distortion or bad boom...

if you are in a smallish room and not likely to go to a very large room, then i'd say go for BR5 fronts, BR Centre...for rears its up to you, personally i'd say if movies/TV is a big portion of listening then go for BRFX rears and tidy them away on the wall, but nothing wrong with another pair of BR5's for the rears, that setup will actually suit multichannel music better if you listen to any....

as for the sub, i cant really comment as I havnt heard the model you mention but i know Velodyne get a good report on quality :)

the main reasons people go for a setup like the AV90 pack is for lifestyle and convenience, its small and unimposing.....useful for getting a good sound quality without upsetting the other half if they are house proud.....however they rarely match the sheer dynamic scale of a full size speaker'd need to spend a lot of money to get that in small sizes ;)

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