Monitor Audio BR5 and Onkyo 805



Hi All,
I have been interested in Hi Fi since i was 18 when i bought my first seperates and KEf speakers and have a hugely varies music taste. I wanted to move my current seperates into the bedroom and get a decent home cinema setup that was equally as good with music.
I have been doing a lot of reading on here and all the magazines i could find and decided to shorlist a few for demoing at a couple of stores. This was my shortlist:
AV Receiver Onyo TX-SR705 but no-one had this in stock so auditioned the 605 and the 805.
DVD/CD player Denon 1940 and Onkyo SP504 or was it worth going for the Marantz DV 7001.
AV Speaker packages Kef 3005SE and Monitor Audio BR5 AV pack.
I have now auditioned the lot and here is my opinion for those interested.

I listened to the kef's with the onkyo 605 and wasn't overly impressed tbh. After all the reviews and claims that said it lives with full sized setups to! Well i can honestly say it doesn't in my opinion. Yeah it is good but it was beaten hands downs with both CD and home cinema by the Monitor Audio's! The KEF's just didn'y have the midrange base to satisfy a pureist and i left disappointed.
But yester i auditioned the Monitor audio's with the Onkyo 605 and the onkyo DVD player first and the picture from the dvd player was excellent even through the large projector in the demo room. It was set to output at 720p, the native res of the proj and it looked fantastic! The sound was very good through the BR5AV and gave an immediately noticeble improvement over the kef's. Then we tried the 805! Well all i can say is that the barenaked ladies if i had a million dollars, live sounded like a different track on the 805. The 605 was very good but if you can afford the jump to the 805 it is worth it and i ordered mine there and then i was so impressed.

The Denon 1940 DVD play was not as clear in terms of image as the onkyo 504 which was noticeably better on the system i demo'd but the gave gave me 15% of the marantz so i thought i would go for the DV7001 as i listen to a lot of music. I hope i have made the correct decision!?

This leads me to price for anyone interested in any of these components. Sevenoaks is haveing their sale and they have 25% off the Monitor audio BR5 AV pack and it's £810, now that's got to be the best deal arround?
The also have a 15% of most seperate AV components so i got the 805 for £720 and the Marantz DV7001 for £510 i snapped his hand off but be quick not sure how long they are doing this!

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