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I am looking to replace my MA BR2 bookshelf speakers that are probably 6 years old, I have a budget of around £300 and just wanted a bit of advice on a suitable replacement. I quite like the Q acoustics concept 20s but would they be much of an improvement. They would be used with Marantz CD6005 and NR1605.


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You need to look at the driver size and the bass response of any speakers you are considering. Then of course the overall tonal characteristic.

Generally, how pleased were you with the Bronze BR2, because that particular series it two generations beyond that; they went from BR to BX and now to just Bronze. The BX are on sale right now at near half price.

You can get the BX2 for about £150/pr. And the latest BRONZE 2 are about £280.

Monitor Audio BX2

Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 Walnut Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Monitor Audio - AudioVisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Superfi - Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers (Pair)

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Walnut Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Monitor Audio - AudioVisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

The floor-standing BX5 and BX6 are a bit out of your price range, but worth a look --

Monitor Audio BX5

Monitor Audio BX6

The Concept 20 has a 125mm (4.5") Bass driver with bass response down to a modest 64hz. That's fine in a Surround Sound system, but just so-so for Music.

Depending on your taste and the particular sound you are looking for, and how the speakers will be used, there are several in the price range to choose from.

Superfi - Dali Zensor 3 Speakers (Pair)

Superfi - Polk RTiA1 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Superfi - Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 Speakers (Pair) Natural Ash

Superfi - B&W 686 S2 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Superfi - Polk RTiA3 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Oddly, in this price class the BRONZE 2 would probably top the list, though the DALI Zensor 3 would be up their too.

Though of limited availability, the Wharfedale Diamond 122 can still be found. Highly rated, 6.5" bass driver, response down to 40hz -

Wharfedale Diamond 122 Cinnamon Cherry Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) - Wharfedale - AudioVisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

The price shown represents a considerable discount.

Polk Audio is somewhat new to the UK market, but the RTi series are considered pretty good. Though best hear them before you buy them. The Polk RTi-A3 would probably be pretty good at 349/pr. Polk are 4 series of speaker, the R series, next the TSx Series, then the RTi Series, then the best LSi Series, so the RTi are second from the Top.

The Q Acoustic Concept 20 is probably a great speakers in the Surround system, and OK in a Stereo system for music, but the bass is not quite as deep as you might like. That's fine for movies with a Sub, but just OK for Stereo without a Sub.

Just a few thoughts.

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Hello rcracer and Blue Wizard.

Firstly, thank you for considering our Concept 20 loudspeakers.

Secondly, we really have to disagree with the Wizard's 'feint praise' for the Concept 20. In reality they are absolutely superb standmount designs for music reproduction. In support of this argument, (if you might think we were partial in our opinion :)), I ask you to look at every proper review of the product. The Concept 20 has received universal acclaim all around the globe. Every test has used them as stereo speakers.

In the UK, they have received 'rave' reviews from What Hi-Fi?, Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Critic, The Financial Times and of course, AVForums. Ed Selley's review for this forum has received more than 30,000 views and the speakers were What Hi-Fi? magazine's 'Loudspeaker of the Year' 2013.

The Concept 20 really wouldn't have received that level of praise if it was merely "so-so for music".

If either of you can get to Bishops Stortford, we'd be delighted to give you a demonstration to prove exactly what we've stated above. We're very confident you'd be astonished how good they are. There's free (instant) coffee and I'm sure we could conjure up some hobnobs.

Best regards

Q Acoustics


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Perhaps I was a bit feint in my praise of the CONCEPT 20.

Also keep in mind that I generally like bigger speakers. For clarity I think the Concept 20 are fine, and I think the reviews will bear that out.

As to the rated bass response, we are walking a very thin line. My computer speakers have a very similar bass response and sound fine. But, they certainly don't sound as fine as my very deep floorstanding speakers.

So, on that issue I have to hedge. I can't know the Original Poster's mind and know what will or will not suit him. Keep in mind he is moving from the Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 which is a speaker with a 6.5" bass driver (165mm) and a roughly 40hz bass response. It is in that context that I hedge on the Concept 20.

The Concept 20 have 125mm bass drivers and 64hz rated bass response.

But keep in mind that the very very expensive and highly praised Kef LS50 are not much different. Though the price is massively high relative to the current budget. But despite small driver and so-so rated bass, they are universally acclaimed for their clarity.

I suspect the same for the Concept 20, very clear and detailed. But ... with limited bass. Whether too limited or not is beyond my ability to determine. The OP will have to determine that for himself.

So, it is up to the Original Poster to set his priorities, and decide what best suits him.

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depending where you are we are having a closing down sale and some of the speakers are at amazing bargain prices.

Monitor Audio Silver 1 Speakers in gloss white are our closest bookshelf speaker to your price point, we do have a pair of Kef C7 Floorstanders (Now Sold) at your price point.

P.S. Not sure if allowed to post this Mod's if not please remove.

Regards, Shane.
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I used to own a pair of BR2s and moved on to some RS5 - wasn't much of an improvement to be honest, then I went to GS10s and they are in a different league!


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I can't profess to offer a subjective comparison between the MA and Polks, but if i can be allowed to offer some advice between the RTiA1's versus RTiA3's as i have both.

The RTiA3's naturally lend themselves to a deeper bass response being in obviously larger cabinets so if u're planning to run your stereo setup without a sub, then go for these. The RTiA1's do pip the A3's for a tighter and brighter upper and mid frequency response and (to my somewhat non-expert trained ears) a more forward sounding sound stage - but a corresponding sub will do wonders for an RTiA setup.

I would suggest staying away from the TSx range having previously owned a pair of TSx centres for a stereo setup as they takes ages to break in and warm up and lack in the mid range/vocal cover in comparison to the RTiA's

Hope this helps. This is my 2p worth of advice.

Thanks all :)

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