Monitor Audio Br1 vs Q Acoustics 1020




We're buying a new Onkyo 515 after all the recommendations on this board. We're based in Ireland, but will probably get speakers delivered from the UK. We recently briefly heard and were impressed by both the BR1s and a set of 1010s. I see Superfi has an offer on 1020s at the moment and was wondering if the more expensive BR1s are worth it?

We're kinda on a tight budget so bang-for-buck is a consideration


I have the RS1 (the next one's up from the BR1).

At the time of purchasing, I did a side by side (A/B)comparison between the BR1 and the RS1. They are almost identical, except the RS1 has teeny weeny more in the mid-range, that's it. Other than that, they're great - crystal clear, great detail and good dynamics and scale for the size. Placement is vital. Unfortunately I have them (RS1) on a crappy thin shelf and they are robbed of their body and scale. Often I chuck'em in another room onto some heavy duty wooden stools, give them some room and they sing from top to bottom - delicious.

Can't comment on the Q Acoustics, but I higly reccomend the BR1 (as they're almost identical to the RS1 from my in-store audition). But you will need to put them on something sturdy (stands) to do their job properly, otherwise you may be dissaponted thinking something is missing.

Hope that helped:)
Oops, sorry, I just had a look at the MA site, and I'm pretty sure I listened to the BR2 with the RS1.

You said you listened to both and liked them. I guess if you didn't notice any difference which made you like one over the other, and especially if you're on a budget, than Q Acoustics may be the better choice, and you'll save some cash, maybe for some stands:) or something else.

Have fun!:)
Thanks Norbs.

I think we'll go with the 1020s. THe BR1 was definitely better for one song but for another the 1010s seemed just as good. Both were so good compared to what we've ever had before that it seems like a good plan to learn from this onkyo and upgrade to a more expensive system when we've a better feel for the better quality stuff.

Thanks again
That's great!

Make sure you try (if possible) a few different positions with the speakers - spread apart, closer together, facing towards you (toe-in). Also on different surfaces/supports, although I don't know your circumstances. Anyway, have a play, hear a difference? like it? Change it. Better, worse? You get the idea.

Initially I thought my RS1 wouldn't care where they are placed, but they do.

Have fun!:)

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