Monitor Audio A100 or Marantz PM6005


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Which one to go for?

Marantz appears to have a better power supply and power cord, but possesses a number of pretty useless (as for me) features, like phono stage, headphone amplifier, tonal adjustments. Two sets of speaker terminals for each channel also doesn't seem like something particularly of an advantage, although some folks perhaps could find it nice.

Monitor Audio is more like a Roksan Caspian style amplifier, with one set of speaker terminals per each channel, pre amplifier output for power amplifier, no headphones socket, no phono stage, no tonal adjustments. There also is a quite useful wireless feature and a DAC. Detailed specification on total harmonic distortion or signal to noise ratio is difficult to obtain though and A100's power cord looks unassuming.

I was wondering how the above two compare in terms of sound quality - I reckon they might sound quite similar, but perhaps there are some forum members who have had some experience with both amplifiers and could provide some feedback on any possible differences? Personally I lean towards the A100, as it's got exactly what I need, with no any not required features, but I'm just puzzled how able next to the PM6005 this amplifier is. I already am aware the A100 is slightly more powerful, but how does it sort of "sound" in comparison to the PM6005? I would appreciate any feedback on this, thanks in advance

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I've not heard and so cannot comment on the A100 and you maybe hard pressed to find someone who has heard/compared both (here's hoping you will), but It seems like you have already made up your mind or it has been made up for you.

If you can, It be better if you can get a demo of both and judge for yourself as no matter what anyone says, their ears are not your ears.

What speakers do you have or is that still to be sorted? Important info that as different brands can give different sound and will form a different a opinion.


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Speakers are modest, Tannoys Revolution DC6T SE, but I like them, and I'm sure you'll agree it's what counts the most. Speaker cable is the QED Silver Anniversary XT - nothing special, but good enough and affordable. From what I can see on their website, the Monitor Audio company will let me test their A100 for a month before making the final decision. I will use this opportunity to assess their amplifier. I like Marantz PM6005, although it needs tonal "boost" for CD player connected through the RCA input (not required for TV/cinema when connected through digital inputs, works absolutely fine with the "source direct" function), and it really needs "loundness" boost when listening through headphones, otherwise the sound is narrow and flat, as if from an old radio.


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For anyone interested in this topic, the only direct MA-Marantz comparison I found on the internet is the one from What Hi Fi concluding that "by the highest standards at this price – at the moment we rate the Marantz PM6005 the best-sounding amplifier at this kind of money – there isn’t quite the rhythmic precision or drive to make the most of the song, but the result is still enjoyable" (Read more at Monitor Audio Airstream A100 review | What Hi-Fi?).

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