Monitor Advice please. PS5, Series X, 1080ti pc.


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Hi All,

Im looking at moving my gaming PC into my sons bedroom and because of this I am looking for the best option for a monitor/TV for him. The monitor the PC is currently connected to is staying where it is.

The Monitor/TV will be connected to a Series X, PS5 and 1080ti gaming PC.

Everything will be on a gaming desk of some description (havent sourced one yet) and because of this im thinking 28" as a maximum screen size. This is because of how close he will be sitting to the screen.

My issue is around which resolution/hz ??

Its not worth having a 4k unit for the PC, the PC is more suited to 1440p and thats what we currently use and the PC performs well at this resolution.

It would be better having a 4k unit for the Series X and PS5, especially has the PS5 doesnt support 1440p like the Series X does and would be at 1080p on a 1440p monitor.

Im thinking its probably best to get a 4k monitor at 60hz so that he can game at 4k 60fps on the X and PS5 and then at 1440p through the PC. How will 1440p look on a 4k monitor? He currently gets around 90fps on his PC at 1440p so he will lose some fps on the PC going this route.

I was thinking about this unit:

Amazon product
What would you guys do in my postion? Is there anything im missing or not considering?

In terms of which devices get the most use it would be:

50% PC
40% Series X
10% PS5

Thank you for your help.


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