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i had some dvd's come from www.koreandvds.com this morning

first film is called malena - they had the 2 disc edition and the cover shows monica bellucci with her baps out

the second film is irreversible and this also has a pic of monica bellucci with her baps out


naughty stuff eh ?


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If you find anything even slightly erotic about Irreversible, then there's something wrong with you. :confused:

It's a great film, but eroticism was the last thing on my mind while watching it.


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Originally posted by Drunken Master
Only when you've selected Korean Sub-Titles!! AFAIK:smoke:
As you rightly say DM, scenes in the Korean release are 'censored' both when Korean subtitles and no subtitles are selected.

If you choose 'English subtitles' then it is totally uncensored. How bizarre! :laugh:

Drunken Master

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I'm sure that it was the pubic hair that was censored, however, I'm convinced that it was there! I'll double check.


It's censored with english subtitles too - the censoring is burned in, rather than a 'black' dot triggered by the subtitle thingy (I've got the R3 from korean dvd)


btw - she's wearing a tight fitting dress on the cover.


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I've got a reg 3 copy in a snapper case thats got a III rating and is released by Asia video publishing EAN 895050866845. Is this the censored version?

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Originally posted by eddiethehead
I got my 2-disc Malena from Koreandvds, and when watching with English subs, it definitely isn't censored! :)
That's because we're talking about Irreversible being censored, not Malena.:zonked:

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