money going to waste?



Hi, its my first post and have been following these forums for about a month now. Ive decided to take the plunge and buy and lcd 32 or 37 inch.

my problem is i already have sky + and am buying the jvcths66 surround system. All the lcds ive looked at have freeview built in and speakers. is there an lcd out their that is just a screen with the required inputs and hd ready. this is all i require and you see these kind of screens in pubs and shops.

are the more "commercial" quality of picture as good as regular lcds? any help would be great! thanks


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Have you considered a Plasma panel along the lines of a Panasonic PHD8? Screen only, you add the inputs you require and you're away. :)

In so far as "commercial" Plasmas, the picture quality is considered by many to be *better* than a regular TV. This is due to every penny going into the screen rather than extra bits such as the speakers, tuner etc...


this is what i was thinking the money is spent on the picture! however its hard to research and find reviews on these types of screens! any advice will be helpful! is there a website that specialises in these plasmas/lcd?


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You want to get yourself over to, they do lots of commercial panels like the Panny PHD8, plus others :D




just had a look at the website but seeing as i was spending no more than 1500 on an lcd (jvc lt-32dx7bj) then the prices are steep. are ther not any around the 1k mark as its not going to include the freeview and speakers?


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you'll find some without freeview, but the best you'll do is "removable" for the speakers. Try the Hitachi 32LD700. My mate just got one for about 1050.

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