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Apr 11, 2007
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ok guys,

WHAT do you spend your money on in game cos ive got loads of it and have dont see what to spend it on, i have loadsa weapons left over from the story element and just top up as and when i need to at the gun store, ive spent a bit on flash suits and thats it..... any properties or owt?????

Being arrested, ive just unlocked the 3rd island and my arrest record is still at zero, reason being, i'm pretty sure if i get arrested i will lose my weapons, so if i at least try n shoot my way out of it or make a run for it i will just lose a bit of cash at the hospital (which as you can see from above i can easily afford!), so whats the deal with letting yourself get arrested...??

any input...??

Sadly you can do nothing with it, that you haven't already done and is one of GTA main failings for me. I read somewhere that the main purpose for geting heaps of money is an indication that you've beaten the game, but to me thats pretty lame.

I really expected to be able to buys some nice property at least or get some garages to store cars. I was even hoping you could maybe buy the Funfair at the end of the game and re-open it, since currently it appears to be a complete 'white elephant' ( can't help feeling it might get 'opened' with DLC)
yeah the funfair is a bit odd, when i took michelle out she made a comment about it not being open at the moment and so i thought ah, maybe later in the game.... but nowt!!!!:confused: (well so far, am yet to complete!)
:oops: just saw you got the suits.....check the IMDB link though, should be out at the end of the year.........return to form for Guy Ritchie for sure.
I think at one point you could ride the funfair but along with gloves and MP3s on your mobile, it didn't make the final build.
This is one of my (very minor) complaints. Money doesn't really mean anything. Not once have I been short of cash for guns or medical bills.

Would be nice to buy cars / houses / strip clubs etc. Saints Row was quite good in this respect - especially as you used to get income that would spawn at your crib.

Also would be good to have a garage to store your favourite cars - I know you can use the parking spots but once you use the car once it doesn't respawn.

Otherwise the game is awesome :D
No answer to the being arrested question though??
No answer to the being arrested question though??

If you get arrested you lose money and all your guns while if you go to hospital you only lose money, so I always make a run for it. I don't want to spend a fortune re-stocking all my weapons.

I don't see why anyone would let themselves get arrested, unless it was in a mission. :cool:
If I get arrested I just reload the last save - bit of a cheat but I really can't be bothered going to buy more guns.

I have about 1500 bullets in my pistol - not sure I'll need them all :rolleyes:
If you go on the net (in game) there is a sight kinda like autotrader where you can buy loads of flash cars which (i think, havent actually done it but would be stupid if not) spawn outside your safe houses so that is something you can waste money on!
I had the same view as the OP, until I bought a sniper rifle and made a couple of trips to the hospital and my funds diminishd greatly.....:eek:

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