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Mon Audio/ Klipsch/ Quad - 5 of one or 2 plus 3?


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having just bought my ex-dem Linn Movie Classik I now need to find some speakers, but the linn having taken up about 65% of my original £1000 limit, I am wondering how best to do the unit justice, quality-wise.

I'd like to go 5.1, but given my remaining budget is limited there any sense in buying two smallish speakers and a sub, then adding three more (sat+centre) later, when more funds are available? If instead, I go for a 5.1 speaker package now, I wonder if my £400-500 budget (ideally) would be up to the musical standard of the Linn?

So I am thinking along the lines of
Quad IIL2, which I can get for £230 for a pair.
Possibly B&W 686 £280 pair
or else Monitor Audio BR1/ or perhaps BR2 plus a better subwoofer.
I have also heard some Klipsch RB10's, at £233/ pair, which sound amazing for their size - what do people know about these?

Then I wonder about adding 3 Monitor Audio R45's later for the mid and rear channels, but as some of you say they sound bright, I guess they'd have to be matched with an apt subwoofer???

Would all this ammount to a better musical sounds than a Canton Movie 100 MX/ Q-acoustics 10101 or even Acoustic Energy AEGO T 5.1 set?

What would you do?



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Have you considered the Quad Lite package.
This full 5.1 package is currently being heavily discounted (I believe as a replacement is due out) and can be had for around £5-600


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Thanks, yes I have been looking at this too. Its really strtching my budget at £600 and I haven't seen it for £500.

Out of curiosity would anyone rate the Bose Acoustimass 6 set up, which I've seen for £460 instead of the normal £560-ish.


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Thanks. Do you think the Quad L-ite package would ammount to a better sound than say

2x Quad 11L2 front's
1x Monitor Audio BRW10 or Tannoy Arena subwoofer
3x Monitor Audio R45's for rear and centre ?

... which I can get for about the same money as the Quad- L-ite setup.


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I think the Quad system would be better.
It's all designed to work together and will be tonally matched throughout. This is particulatly important for the front speakers. Imagine a sound moving from left to right across these front 3 speakers. If one has a different 'sound' to the other two it will sound peculiar.
Also, the Quad sub is an absolute gem and imo superior to the MA or Tannoy.

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