Momitsu, Trans-Gear, Buffalo or Snazio?



I've noticed that the Momitsu V880N, Trans-Gear DVX500, Buffalo LinkTheater and SnaZio Net dvd cinema SZ1350 are very much alike. They use the same firmware and serversoftware. The only difference I can find, is that the LinkTheater and SnaZio use the EM8620L chip and the Momitsu and Trans-Gear use the 8550 chip from Sigma.
Oh, and the Momitsu and Trans-Gear are 50 euros cheaper...

Any suggestions on which one of these I should buy?
Thanks :)


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Momitsu and Trans-Gear are standard def, Buffalo & Snazio are hi def. Momitsu & Snazio have dvi.
What do you want to play, what do you want to play it on?


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you forgot to add Liteon 2010 (£80 from SVP inc wireless network dongle)
Trans-gear bought the rights to the liteon and stuck their own badge on the front, and added their own firmware.

I'm using the Liteon 2010 and it looks great at 480p on my PWD6

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