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Guys, I have just purchased a shiney new Momitsu 880DX with the sole purpose of scaling DVD images over a component connection up to 720p.

Now try as I might I can't get the sucker to do this! Each time I play a Region 1 DVD with resolution set to 720p 60hz the player says it can't scale to this resolution and to set the resolution to 480p :mad:

Has anybody got this to work? Is it tied in with the region free hack? I tried setting the player to Region 0 which it took, but it won't play RCE discs :( So I had to force it to Region 1 :rolleyes:

Any ideas?




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Answering my own question I discovered that if the Region free hack is applied, ie using Region 0, then you can output at 720p over component :clap:

The only downside with this is if a DVD is RCE enabled, then it won't work!

Oh well, can't have it all

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