Mom needs a new TV and I need some suggestions


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I need some help in trying to find a new TV for my mom. Mom is 90 years old, has some vision issues, has arthritis in her hands and is one of the most technically challenged people on the planet. She currently has a 50 or 55 inch flat screen Visio TV that she's had for 15-20 years and it's having problems. There's no Cable box connected to the TV only a coax cable and to access most channels she must enter the channel number on her remote as xx.x (i.e. 87.5). She needs something that when turned on will automatically display the last channels she was watching without her having to press a lot of buttons or navigate a bunch of menus. Because of her vision problems and arthritis she needs a remote that has few buttons and is easy to operate. In other words, she doesn't need a smart TV she needs a dumb TV. No bells and whistles just something easy to operate that has a decent picture. In addition, I would like to be able to order this from Walmart or Amazon where I can keep the expense of a new TV low as anything sold today will have a better picture than her existing Visio TV.

Any and all suggestions will be helpful as a don't know where to start.


I don't think I can really help with specific models, and certainly not specifics between one model compared to the next because practically every 'named' brand TV is smart now. Specifics like the design of the remote are probably impossible to compare without seeing them physically on display in a store.

Does this help at all?

You're probably looking at some of the supermarket 'off brands' like sceptre, for example.

Here's one I found on

What perhaps is an idea with the remote (if the one that comes with the TV isn't suitable) is buy an all-in-one universal one like this:
Amazon product

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