mojogoes, Our passionate about subs member, has very, very sadly passed away


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Glad it went well - as well as these things can. Nice to see he was so well thought of - would have been nice for his family to know that. Nice touch with the card too, Keith.


I am trying to say something but others have said it so well.
It is difficult to know what to say or even how to say it at times like this. But the mere fact of posting on the thread like you have says something in itself. It's the posting that is appreciated, not so much the words themselves, just the posting itself says a lot. I think it shows appreciation, respect, acknowledgement, call it what you will.
Steve was a huge part of this forum and will be sadly missed for a very long time.

He had tons of advice for whoever sought it and he was always glad to help. On the flip side, he could quite often be a pain in the backside for moderators and i'm probably talking about myself here. He often kept me busy thats for sure.

His character will be sorely missed, i know that.

Will i miss him . . . . dam right i will.


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Unbelievable! I'm sorry I'm late to the thread but I've just seen Steff's sig.

Very sad news and my belated condolences to friends and family.


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Thanks Keith, Phil and everyone else that was involved in sorting out the wreath and card. Really amazing show of love for the big man. I've felt less sad when some relatives have passed away. This thread just seems to get me whenever I come back to read more touching comments from everyone. Makes you feel grateful to have known Mo and also makes you realise what a great community we have here.


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Fantastic idea Keith thank you for doing that, I wasn't able to make it due to work commitments.



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The poor guy, last post on my build thread was from him, I hadn't been on here as much lately, and was shocked to see that he had passed away.

RIP Steve.


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Hi all

Sorry its taken me a while to post back here but just wanted to share some thoughts.

Firstly can i just say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum that has written some really rather touching tributes for Steve and his family and also for donating very generously. I know after speaking to his wife Lisa, she wanted me to express her thanks for everyone's kind words and thoughts.
It was a very emotional day for me and many others who attended and while listening to Steve's best friend talk about him with such affection, it really brought it home to me that i will never ever be able to see my friend again, call him, visit him, chat with him about all sorts or just talk silly nonsense as we would often do. To have someone taken away in such an immediate way is heart wrenching and my sincerest thoughts and loving wishes for the future go out to his wife Lisa and the two boys George and Thomas. I for one will miss him dearly. He was quite a unique character, controversial at times and maybe testing of a few people's patience at times....but one thing i know for sure....deep down the man had a heart of gold and he was always very generous with his time when needing advice on all sorts. I will never forget you in peace buddy.

With regards to the donation's, i just thought i'd let everyone know that after the wreath was paid for i donated the rest of the money to Lisa and the boys. She was very touched by everyone's kind gesture and has since got back to me to say what she intends to do with the money.
The money will go towards getting both the boys a gold bracelet which will have a fingerprint of their dad on it...which will be a lovely reminder of their dad for them. I just thought that this was a beautiful thing and we have the kindness of a great and caring community forum to thank for it.
Well done everyone....!!

To Steve....may you rest in peace mate ....!!

Sincerest thanks to everyone


A year on and I find myself thinking about my friend Steve lately. I still find it hard to comprehend the thought of how he was taken away.....and just so suddenly. He should still be here and looking forward to many many years of happiness with his family. Not meant to be I guess.
Looking back I've realized that I shamefully forgot to post up a couple of photos. The photos are of the the two mementos Steve's sons chose, to remember their dad by. One depicting their dads fingerprint and the other a print of his hand.
Just thought I'd post them up as a reminder of how generous and caring everybody was from the forum with their donations and how that contributed to them getting a lovely memento and reminder of their dad.


Thanks to all. Rest In Peace mate. We won't forget you in a hurry.



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What a lovely thing to do Gio

I attended Steves service with you as you know and it was a tribute to him in everyway possible and he had a fabulous send off

I wish Lisa and the boys the very best for the future, George and Thomas will have a lovely reminder of their Dad thanks to the members off the forum

nice one guys :thumbsup:
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I have just seen this and am truly shocked.

I first met Steve about two years ago when I bought a pair of hand made 15" subs that he had lovingly created. They are still going strong and will bring a bigger smile to my face each time I use them now.

Steve was a fantastic character and gave me lots of advice during and after the sale. He would also regularly drop me messages to let me know of any deals coming up or anything I should be trying to improve my system.

A true hero and a sad loss for his family and the AV world. RIP.


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Am very, very, very late to this thread. :(
I remember being given a few of my very first pointers with regards my setup, by the big man himself a few years back.
Haven't been around lately and coming to this is heartbreaking.

My sincere condolences to Steve's family.


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Well I just logged on to AV Forums for the first time in ages and like many others was shocked to see this thread.
I never knew Steve personally but have always enjoyed the Subwoofer forum and Steve's comments were often entertaining and informative. I hope his family are coming to terms with what has happened, must be awful for everyone involved.
I think it is fabulous that so many forums contributors donated and organised the wreath and attended the funeral, I guess it reminds us of what is really important in life, doing what you enjoy with passion and sharing your enthusiasm with others while you can.


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Keith, the card was a very well thought out sentiment, a really nice touch that is very much appreciated by all.
i second that statement great idea Keith, may he rest in a bass thumping rattling place until the end of time.

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Respect here.



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I'm across the pond in Ireland but felt the respect and love looking at all the messages


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Don't know the person but it's always saddening to hear the loss of a life. Great to see the support of this community to the bereaved family. RIP Man and heartfelt condolences to his wife and kids.

Mohamed Ziad
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Very sad, RIP fellow bass-head.


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Incredibly sad news! Can't believe it and can't believe I've only just noticed this thread would have liked to have given my condolences earlier!
Never met him personally but he gave me lots of help and advice when setting up my diy subs.
Will be sorely missed on these forums


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Been some time since I last visited this section of the forum with the intent of posting but how sad that that we lost a fellow member forever. Rest in Peace Sir.
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I can't believe that it is 1 yr already since Steve passed, it was a really sad day. Big loves to Steves family and like you unreel hope they are coping well.
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