mojogoes low….His Best Movie Subwoofery Moments....!!


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Altered Carbon was 20Mbps with Atmos.

Edited to confirm that, although it has Atmos, it's not lossless as I'd assumed.

Atmos on streaming platforms is 768 Kbps (It's lossy).
Netflix 4K HDR average video bit rate is 16 Mbps with peak of 24 Mbps.


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Having amassed a library of 100+ 4K UHD Blurays comprising of the usual suspects for demo-worthy clips, I managed to secure another couple of heavy-hitters in the current Amazon "2 for £25" deal.

'Aquaman' is a bass assault from beginning to end but I'm not sure it is in a good way. I think it is somewhat overdone to the point where a stickleback farting would shake the couch. Admittedly I do like full immersion which explains the dual SVS PB-3000s up front and dual XTZ 1X12s nearfield all running 6-8dB hot with an ascending house curve and BEQ engaged.

'Godzilla: King of Monsters' was a very pleasant surprise! Given the storyline is absolute bunkum with a capital B, I was pleased to see it didn't prevent Millie Bobby Brown's emerging career from continuing to soar. But it is the Atmos track that offers a masterclass in mixing by producing a perfect hemispherical sound bubble. The sound engineer who delivered the LFE channel is a true craftsman. I was only listening at -10dB MV due to the -3.5dB advice of the accompanying BEQ file. From the beginning to the end the subwooferage was immense yet consistently appropriate for the visuals although I'm not sure whether there was intended camera shake or my ceiling-mounted projector screen was resonating from the pressurised room! I don't think I own a disk with more LFE content. Absolute bargain!

Here's a link to the Amazon offer, I think it runs to the end of the year. Other "must own" discs available include 'Mad Max: Fury Road', 'Kong: Skull Island' and 'It', both Chapter One and Chapter Two.

Amazon 2 for £25 Deal
If you haven’t got it highly recommend Blade Runner 2049 and absolute cracker in Atmos


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If you haven’t got it highly recommend Blade Runner 2049 and absolute cracker in Atmos
It's my No1 demo disc, I've played the opening so many times yet still not watched the whole movie !!


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Oh yes, BR2049 is in fact my wife's G.O.A.T. film. The audio mix certainly falls into the reference category. Especially impressive is the sea wall fight scene near the end of the film. Playing it at -6MV with the BEQ file loaded was certainly a bowel-loosening experience :laugh:

But my pick for the most masterful sound mix would probably go to "Alita: Battle Angel". The use of Atmos and the LFE channel comes very close to perfection IMHO.


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Some good recommendations on here, I’ll add:

Into the spider verse,
Loads of juicy 20hz & below stuff that really slams, the whole track is absolutely reference.

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