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so is moire like this?:


cos i have this interference moving back and forth on my front s-video input, except the curves are much more elongated. is that what it is then, is it?
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Your interference doesn't seem like moiré to me, it must be from a different source. Have you tried better cables/moving away other electrical equipment?

To see what moiré looks like; if you have Windows 98/ME Select Start Menu, Shutdown but don'r actually shut down the computer... from the grey pattern generated, most monitors will exhibit moiré. If yours doesn't [you will see an odd patter if it does], adjust the moiré controls on the monitor (remembering the original value; although reducing moiré compensation will improve your monitor's focus considerably).

Hope this helps ;)


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What TV are you using?

It could well be interference from the last analogue channel you watched.Try turning to an untuned channel and then back to S-Video.


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it's a panny 28PL1.

it only appears when i use the front AV imputs, RCA and S-video.
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