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Does anyone know how to de-focus the picture on
my philips 32pw9525 tv as I have just bought the
toshiba 220 dvd player and am experiencing moire
problems on ntsc dvd's.
Can it be adjusted from the service menu?


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See this thread (if you haven't already) for more information regarding Moire problems.

Loewe TV's use Philips tubes but NTSC Moire is a recurrent problem with a number of manufacturers. I'm currently conversing with Loewe on the Moire problem who are hopefully working towards a solution. A slight tube de-focus is one possible solution but may have detrimental effects on the rest of your viewing.

Some minor geometry adjustments can be made in the service menu which may change/improve the nature of the Moire pattern. As far as I know, you cannot adjust focus from within the service menu as this is an analogue adjustment from the back of the set.

My advice would be to call out an engineer or contact Philips to see if anything can be done.

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