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MOH Pacific Assault - Help!!


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I've got to the end of the game nearly, but i need to go through a door only it won't open.

The level is just after the beach landing and the tanks have shown up. I've blown up the artilary guns and now have to go down ditch to a door which is at the other end on the left hand side. There are 2 machine gunners with a never ending supply of operators at the end by the door. The objective is 'destroy the bomb proof bunker'.

I can get to the end no problem but when i get there the door won't open and its driving me nuts. I finally get out of the damn jungle and now the game bugs out on me :(

Am i missing a trigger somewhere on the level? Do i need to wait for men to all join me down the end? Even when i'm covering them they never get there, they just mingle around the middle of the ditch while i run out of ammo.

All objectives have been completed except for 'destroy the bomb proof bunker' which i believe is on the other side of the door.

Can anyone assist please, what am i missing?


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I got stuck here as well. It's a bug.

I had to go back a couple of save games and start this section again.

There is a trigger - it's a small raised area with a portable machine gun IIRC. Once you run to this area someone shouts "Not even our tanks can penetrate that thing" or something similar. Then a tank on the right blows open the door that you described. This releases a few enemy soldiers and you should then be able to get into the bunker.



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I thought it might be a trigger issue. Thanks, i'll be heading back to the Pacific this evening then.

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