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Hey fellas, newer user here. I set up a sweet home theatre system over the past few months and I was very happy with it, everything seemed to work great... Until today. While working I had a movie playing via Nvidia Shield Pro on my local network. Upon taking an hour-long phone call I muted the system and ran AFK. An hour later and after my call the movie had finished and the system (TV/AVR/Shield) went into sleep mode and turned off. When I turned it back on I had no audio. I've been messing with the system for a couple hours now without any luck. It certainly seems like it's the AVR. I get audio if I switch it over to the TV speakers but it's silent through the AVR.

The interesting thing is if I switch to the Nvidia netflix app, I get very annoying, loud crackling sounds.

Did I seriously just screw up my AVR because I muted the system and then it shut down on it's own? What the heck? To be clear I did purchase a refurbished unit but this would be the first time I've ever had a problem with a refurbished unit for anything.

Any ideas, thoughts, tests, etc. that could help confirm this? I have a ticket into Denon but I'm sure that'll take weeks to get resolved. FUN!

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