Modifying ALL in One System?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Badugah, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Hello guys n gals. I bought a Panasonic 800Watt All in One HT DVD system a while back. its nice but doesnt have quite that punch i am now wanting. i recently came across two 10" Studio Monitors. I am wanting to hook these up to the subwoffer connector of my Panasonic HT. thing is, my system uses one of these calbes that carries both AC Power and speaker current from the back of the subwoffer to the DVD/Receiver unit. I can attach the wires from my 10" monitors to the front rear back etc, just dont have anywhere to hook them up to the Subwoffer. I am sure others have thought of this instead of buying a new stand aloen reciever, is there some hack or cable or osmething i can use ot bypass this?

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