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Hello all,

This is my first post, glad to be here. I have a very old Sony CDP-555ESD CD player bought in 1990 -it's given 17 years of sterling service and is still going strong, I was happy with the quality of the sound but I heard through the grapevine that it could be I sent it off to Audiocom to get a level 1 mod (new masterclock and various cap replacements (black gates)) -I am now looking to replace the op amps with OPA627's - basically looking for advice on whether this is a worthwhile upgrade or should I be looking elsewhere.

Any advice welcome.



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getting caps done on a very old components ie at least 10 years and older is worthwile imo and from whats been said about caps drying out. mastercl;ock i assume would help also. However the op amps im not too sure about. what improvements would they have ie lower noise floor, better transient response/dynamics. not sure.
what would improve it loads is a new dac chip, is it feasible, i dont know although i have heard of it happening.
I used to have the 557esd. What a beast. sounded bloody good esp after all these years. 18 bit, high were a bit bright but still very good.

Soory for the ramble.




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Its well worth the effort to fit a socket for the opamp ..even if you use the same one...

this allows you to drop in a replacment ......the 627 are good may get away with the 637 as well [but you need to be careful it can oscilate if the gain is below x5] other ones to try opa604 my cheapest fav.

The power rails then need decoupling with a 10uf tan but get the polarity right !

imo the biggest signal emasculaters are the dc blocking caps ....these should be changed to say a 10uf stacked film type or if you can find or afford a suitable paper in oil.

The sony's also respond very well to changing the diodes in the power supply ....I fit 11dq10's ..these schottky's never seem to fail [assuming the diodes fitted are of a comperable size... cdp don't often need more than 1amp

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