Modest living room setup


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Just thought I'd post our new modest living room setup. We've just completed it before Christmas but been too busy watching to take take photos.

The idea was something good quality, without spending money we didn't have, and which fitted in with the room without looking too big / out of place.

This will be it for us until we can move to a place with room for a dedicated setup.

I'm not very good with a camera so I hope they've turned out OK.

The room is a rectangle, so the viewing position is square on the with the TV, around 11ft away from the screen. Sub is hidden behind the armchair on the left of the screen.


Panasonic TH50PX60
Denon 1906 Switching Component for XBOX360 and Denon 1720 MultiRegion DVD Player
Sky HD into HDMI 1, Digital Optical in to the 1906.
Panasonic DMR-E50 into AV3 via Scart for QLINK (although I'm not sure if the QLINK is working)
Canton Movie 1 Speaker package
Mac Mini to come (little space between Sky box and Denon 1906)




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Hey Andrew,

Very sweet, subtle and clean install. I think you met your good quality criteria too. Two thumbs up and thanks for sharing! :smashin:

Big smiles,



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That's a nice clean room. Very smart. Was there a reason why you didn't wall mount the TV?

John 1987

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Stunning room, great looking display and what a lovely wooden stand. :smashin:

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Nice clean setup m8t.. well done.


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Nice set-up mate:thumbsup:

I was thinking of opting for a 50" in lieu of a 42" later this year. My seating distance will probably be around 11ft - 12ft. Do you find SD OK at this distance or do you really need Sky HD?

Kev. :smashin: .


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I find SD to be great, I couldn't imagine going for 42" at that distance.

Thanks for all the feedback, I'm glad it came out as it did.

The stand is from I forgot to put that in the description.



That's a nice clean room. Very smart. Was there a reason why you didn't wall mount the TV?
We don't plan on being here very long, and, it's a party-wall, I was a little bit nervous about it.

Maybe next time.


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