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Hi all.

A few questions to ponder.

Why isnt stuff filmed in proper widescreen anymore?
And by proper I mean actual widescreen panavison film and cameras, not super 35 masked off at the top and bottom for the cinema.
There are a lot of films that are put out in widescreen (2.35.1) that are so obviously not filmed that way as to cut tops of heads off ect that a 1:85:1print for DVD would be better surely?

Because everything is now released in widescreen on dvd, why not actually film it in proper widescreen? you simply have to watch some of the older bond flms , starwars and startrek films to actually see how movies should be framed for a cinematic experince.

Super 35 open matt is just not neccasary in my opinion! Just look at the new startrek for example its glaringly obivious that it is filmed in super 35 !

also whats with all the shaky cam stuff these days? I want to see whats going on not be so confused by close ups and shaky cam that the film actaully plays better on a small screen !! QUANTUM OF SOLACE i am looking at you !

And just to round of, is it me or do films just not look like films anymore?
I am not talking about CGI ect , just the actual film stock used .

I am just being silly, or does anyone agree with me ?
I just read about Panavision, it's an interesting subject. You should get a better picture by using more of the film as well. It's probably too late now anyway. I am hoping for digital cameras to take off.

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