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Two recurring topics which are really beginning to bug the breastage off me are - "how much duty will I have to pay on X costing me X" and "CD Wow vouchers".

Would it be at all possible to get these two behemoths "stickied" and then hopefully we'll see a reduction in the number of repetitive threads ? :lease:

I thank you in advance.

Dave H

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good idea.

dts borg

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:lease: :lease: Do. We need a £18 Limit Customs Sticky & a CD WoW Bargin bin :boring:

Oh we also need a (Use DVD soon for all DVDs upto £18 No :censored: Vouchers needed Sticky:smashin: )

Mods this is true it's really getting a f***:offtopic: :oops:

Greg Hook

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In progress guys, I am just sorting them at at the moment.
Hope to be ready soon.



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Yep - I was in the middle of making one too - I guess we should communicate more! :laugh:

Greg Hook

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