Moderate NAT when wired, OPEN when wireless?


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I have been struggling to sort my NAT type out for a while. I have read a number of different posts, but none I have found have fixed my problem.
I have set up my xbox with a static IP made and sure all the ports have full incoming and outgoing access on my sky router (53,80,88,1863,3074 TCP & UDP). I even put my xbox in the DMZ. It worked fine for a while but now when I use a wired connection I have NAT problems, but when I go wireless I have no NAT issues.....

I want to be able to play wired so I can disable the wireless to stop the kids using the internet when im on line. They make my gaming laggy when they start streaming and surfing on there Ipads, phones lap tops and all there other gadgets...!


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Unfortunately it's not unusual for routers to behave oddly with port forwarding. If you have opened the correct ports for the correct IP and even DMZ didn't work, it might just be that the router and firmware can't implement the port forwarding properly.
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