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Hi. - I'm using a modem that about 10yrs old and the ISP has "tested" it and believes it's OK....But the PC say otherwise. I've performed RESET several times and also removed Power to start from scratch..... I have a wired connection to the PC - no Wifi is used.
ISP is sending an engineer and I think they'll swap the Modem for a newer one ( Maybe with additional tricks to learn ).
However, by chance I thought of performing more RESETS.... and I noticed all 4 wired-outputs ( I use No 1 for the PC ), light up briefly then remain OFF. However, I plugged-in to No2 and that showed life- the accompanying LED was ON (( Something I've never noticed before, but it is at the back of the Modem, in another room )).
It is that second output that I'm using now . . .

Does anyone know what might have "blown" No1 output ( strictly it's a connector, since data travels both ways ).
Both House-supply and Modem are supplied by Cables under the street and whilst there have been minor storms, it hasn't affected the 'phone. Ignore the TV, which is terrestrial, signals via a loft-aerial,

As the old sage says... if it works, don't fix it.... So, I won't be provoking it by changing connections..... as I have a new Modem coming in a couple of days.

I know Win7 is an "old OS" but I wonder why if there is "No Connection" it suggests I search MSdot COM for guidance and possibly download a new Driver. (Hint: You say it's not connecting! ). Is the OS so dumb it can't work that out?

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