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Discussion in 'Virgin Media Broadband' started by Griswald, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Hello, and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere here. If that is the case, a point in the direction would be great.

    If not though…

    I recently moved from BT to Virgin Media, tempted by the greater speeds and lack of land-line, only to learn that I cannot access VPN services through VM’s Super Hub 3. After some research I found that it is possible to switch the SH3 to Modem Mode and then attach a different router, and access VPN services through that instead. Can anyone please explain how I do this with my BT Home Hub 4 (with which I never had any trouble accessing VPN)? I have tried putting the SH3 into modem mode and connecting it via ethernet to the WAN slot on the BT4, but that didn’t work (though plugging directly from the SH3 to my computer did, so it seems I assume I using the right port on the SH3). I have played around with the IP pool on the BT4 as well, but no cigar there either. Is it possible to do this with a BT4, or do I need a totally new router? Are there any particularly suitable ones if I am not able to succeed with the BT4?

    Clearly I am not an expert - any help very much appreciated!

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