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I've had an idea for awhile to buy a set of cheapo speakers and try to make something good around the base carcass. So, I got me a pair of Eltax Millenium floorstanders for £75 which are nice looking boxes apart from the tacky silver cones.

So, where would I start looking for quality drivers etc.? Are there standard woofers/ tweeters that speaker companies use or do they make their own?

Are there any good web resources for DIY speakers. I don't really have time to build them from bits of MDF but would like to try moddifying an existing carcass.


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Wilmslow Audio are probably the best suppliers around,and very helpful as well.
Bear in mind though that the characteristics of a particular drive unit should be carefully matched not only to the volume of the cabinet,but also to the crossover,and the results of simply putting new higher quality drive units in an exisiting cabinet and using either a home built crossover or the original one which will be optimised for the previous drivers,will be variable and unpredictable at best.
Another point is the build quality of cheaper cabinets may well undermine the good qualities of the drive units you choose through unwanted cabinet resonances etc.


I'll just add that it's usually the cab that is compromised more than the drive units - maybe you should be keeping the drivers and x/o., and buliding a better cab.

You could also 'turbo' the xo with higher grade components.

As long as you keep the front baffle the same size it should all work out ok.




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Surely you need to find replacement drivers that match the size of the cabinet you have bought - kind of the reverse to the usual method where you choose the drivers then design the cabinet to suit the drivers?

Are the cabinets ported?

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