Modded xbox and MCE extender kit for sale


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Am I allowed to post a shameless plug for my 'For Sale' thread?
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Would it be rude of me to ask why you are selling? your original posts about the Xbox were helpful, I hope you've not given up on it! :)



i may be interested in just the extender software, if you are willing to split or are unable to find a buyer. I have 3 xbox's already, so no need for another one.


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Hi Paul, the reason I am selling it is because I have just upgraded my main PC with the newly reduced AMD dual core 4600+, and had enough bits left over and lying around to build a third PC for the bedroom, which I am now using as an extender instead of the xbox.

Werner - I may consider splitting, but would rather sell the lot in one go. I have just reduced the price for 48 hours, but feel free to make me an offer in the For Sale thread and I will consider it.
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