Modded x-box - hi-def?


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I've just got a modded X-box with the X-bit chip (or whatever it's called); I'm feeding my projector via component, routed through my VSX-D2011 receiver through to my MS Hi-Def pack. The question is, although I'm now getting a progressive signal (and much smoother on panning it is too), how do I enable the hi-def modes on games?

e.g Top Spin, I understand this can output 720p? But when playing it, at first glance it looks no better than 480p. Do I have to change some settings to enable it? (btw my Sanyo Z1 projector has the resolution/format set to auto).



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This is how I did it:

You need the Enigmah Region Selector Disc, which basicaly switches your xbox from PAL to NTSC. Then reset your Xbox (dont worry, you can switch it back to PAL just as quickly ;) )

Now go to your MS dashbaord and it should have picked up that you're using a hi-def pack becasue the extra video modes will have appeared.

The options are to use 480p, 720p and the other one. The next time you boot up an NTSC game it'll be in prog scan


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Hi where can i find this Enigmah Region Selector Disc?


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Originally posted by jdl
Hi where can i find this Enigmah Region Selector Disc?

IRC channel xbins.

You'll need MIRC and an FTP program like FlashFXP.

decent enough instructions are on


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