MOBO 478 to 775?


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Hey guys,

I'm currently attempting to build a pc on a budget and to also teach myself how to do it! I have managed to buy everything i need to start with for a working setup for £35(including montior, mouse, keyboard) so i now want to start upgrading as and when funds allow. I have got a dell tower P4 2.6Ghz & 512MB RAM which aint bad for the price really, i was wondering about changing the motherboard & CPU.

The current CPU is socket 478 so there isn't much room for improvement i dont think as there aren't much better processors for this socket that i could see, please correct me if i am wrong about this. So the plan is to either upgrade to a 775 motherboard & cpu or upgrade to another 478 socket MOBO and overclock it(if possible). Is there anything i need to worry about in general if changing from a socket 478 to a 775 MOBO? Or will most stuff transfer over? I realise the RAM could be an issue as my current RAM is DDR1 and also am thinkin the PSU might be an issue?

Thanks in advance,

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The biggest problem you could have with any upgrades is that Dell often use their own shape & size of motherboard and PSU. Therefore you may not be able to get, at a reasonable price, any replacements to fit the case.

IMO you may well be better off just using the Dell PC as it is and buy generic PC parts to build your own PC from scratch. Second hand parts can be picked up cheaply on the classified section of this forum or the likes of eBay and you will then learn about everything that is in the case as you go.



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Hi Mark thanks for the reply. Yeah i did wonder about the size/shape being a problem. I think that is the best idea probably so build it from scratch as and when parts become available. And in the meanwhile i will upgrade the Dell where possible, RAM for example.

Am i right in thinking the only way to Overclock a processor is with a Custom/generic Motherboard(not dell for example)?

Thanks again


Most generic motherboards will give you the option of O/C from within the BIOS, but I know Dell lock down the BIOS on their PC's to stop or at least restrict what you can do.
I tend to use Asus motherboards and they give an easy to use utility to o/c from within Windows - I'm sure other makers do something similar.



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Upgrade wise there isn't really much you can use.

The DDR1 memory wont be compatible, you likely will have IDE hard drives and DVD Drives so they will be a waste too.

All you would be able to use is the PSU and Case. But then the question would be if the PSU is compatible as it may just have the older 20pin power connector on it which will not work with newer 24pin motherboards.

I would start fresh.

Also I would say that AMD's AM3 setup is worth considering over Skt 775. Intels may be faster but you get good value for money with the AMD route.

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