Mobility RADEON 9200 > MCE2005 HELP!!!


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I've had to get rid of my desktop HTPC setup so have been forced to load my copy of MCE 2005 onto my laptop (centrino 1.5, 512ram & Mobility RADEON 9200). Everything installed fine and even works fine inclding the supplied MS remote. The problem i'm getting is when i start the media centre i get a message that my radeon isn't compatible with MC so none of the nice looking overlays work and i can't view the MC in the screens native res (1680x1050) or even my projectors res (1280x720).

Can anyone help me :lease:


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your right - I have checked and its not on the MCE Approved Components List.
The only certifed integrated graphics chip is the Radeon Express 200

Silly question but have you checked the ATI site for the latest drivers on the off chance they may work....?


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Cheers for the suggestion HSC, but "mobility" drivers aren't available on ATI's site. The closest i came to it working was when i found a utility which tricked the "standard" catalyst driver into thinking a radeon was installed when really a mobility was, but i keep getting an error when using it so back to square one.


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IT WORKS!!!!!!! I've found a way to trick MCE '05 into thinking my Mobility Radeon 9200 is something else...............All i did was install the latest omega drivers! Once installed the G/card is called "mobility 9000 series" which not only is fully compatible with the MC app but to me makes the very few games i play on my laptop run a bit smoother WOOHOO!!!


Where Did You Download The Omega Drivers From? I Have The Same Computer As You And I Have Also Install Mce. Hope To Hear From You. Thank You

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