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I know it's all blah blah blah about kids having phones but when my boys are out and about up and down the street calling for friends to go out on their bike, fliker, skateboard, scooter etc. I want to be in contact with them. They aren't far away at all but sometimes in friends gardens or have called in my parents house so are out of site.

I don't want the kids racking up bills so would limit them to £5/£10pm. They can ring me and I'll phone them back so don't want them phoning people all the time. Ideally VF to VF calls would be included but can't see that happening (or can you add a favourite or two for free calls? One of those family & friend thingies I'm sure I've heard about). A few texts would be ideal too. Don't mind them having wifi either but will block the 3G.

They aren't allowed out now it's dark but it's for weekends and when the summer comes back around. It's also so I can phone them when I'm in work and they've finished school. The house never gets answered so it's pointless ringing that.

So, anybody got their kids a mobile that works and it's not too expensive?

PS. My youngest wants an IP4 but that ain't happening!


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Pretty much every network out there gives you a combination of free min and/or text with even their lowest PAYG tariff offering. That free allowance would have to be exhausted before the credit begins dropping. You might even find yourself only topping up every second month to ensure your children do not get carried away with saving credit up :devil:

You could therefore go for Vodafone and get the VF to VF freebee, but imo that would be restrictive as they are more likely to sneak a convo with their mates when you are not watching, which would eat into the credit. Unless everyone they know is on VF, which is unlikely. Might as well get a general any network free min/text allowance tariff

Just bear in mind minimum top up with a voucher/ATM is £10, so those tariffs which are below that amount are kind of misleading. Unless it is something like the £5 giffgaff tariff, you could always top up £10 and have that act as two months worth of top-ups. Bit harder with Tesco's cheapest deal of £7.50 as that commits you to a £15 top-up etc. Don't get me started on o2 Simplicity deals ending in .50p...

Unless I am to be informed some networks allow a more custom top-up via a bank card, which I would be interested to know about!


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Another feature you could consider is to get a phone with GPS, you could then use google latitude to see exactly where they are.


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Another feature you could consider is to get a phone with GPS, you could then use google latitude to see exactly where they are.

The GPS is something I am definately interested in :thumbsup:

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