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MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM - New Website & Video


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New official website open, not much info just a new video, the developers interviewed by Famitsu, state the game contains NO prerendered footage and buildings are all destructible.



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clarky78 said:
That looks impressive.

The scene towards the end of the video where it pans over the destroyed city is very impressive :thumbsup:


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Some new images on IGN




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I love how people rather make pointless speculation than actually contribute to threads started about the actual games, roll on Nov 17th.

Back to the game, graphical the character models look very high poly hopefully the envirnoments will match, or will this turn out to be another chromehounds.


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Yeah, this game looks good so the 360 fanboys are staying away from this thread, as they can't think of anything to complain about.

Ooops I said 360 fanboys, I forgot the only people around here a PS3 fanboys right...:rolleyes:


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Chaz Master said:
hmmm... smak the picture you posted up, is from a different game.

Same game different name for Japan, you would know that if you read the article.

Namco Bandai's Mobile Ops: The One Year War will have a different name over in Japan. The game will, of course, keep its Gundam name in its home territory, but Bandai Namco has also announced a subtitle. The official name across the Pacific is Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy.


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Looks a pretty cool game (whichever machine you play it on). Love the robots, they remind me of Transformers :).

The scenery looks a bit bland but the robot models look great. Could be good fun!

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