Mobile phone scam on ebay?



Brand new nokia 6600 sim free video camera phone!

When you win this auction i will send you a link where you can get this phone, delivered to you. most other ebayers just give you the link and you have to pay a further £20.00 to get your phone, well not me, i give you £20.00 back into your paypal account to pay the further money on the site. it's not just a nokia 6600 phone you can get, you can get all these too:

*pictures of phones*

The only catch with this mobile offer is that sometimes you have to wait a month or so to get your phone but for the money it's still well worth it! just think for this kind of money you could order a mobile then sell it on ebay and make money from that! i'll email you the link as soon as you have paid. Please note this site is totally safe and legal!

thanks for looking!
So is this a scam or can you really get these phones from a "factory" so they say? :rolleyes:


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You can get some members opinion's on these types of "scheme's" from this thread.

As you will see, they're not too well received - I suspect the "month's" delay is a bit optimistic :rolleyes: :suicide:



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It's the same principle as a pyramid scam mate.

basically only the people in at the top get the chance of a new phone. You pay your £20 and go in at the bottom. You are then relying on others to bump you up the list. Problem is that when you are 6 levels down in the list you need huge numbers of people to join so that evryone on level 4 (for example) can move up a layer.

Eg. Layer 1 is 1 person. He gets 8 people to pay £20 to get him anew phone.

Layer 2 is 8 people. They need 64 people to get them all a phone.

Layer 3 is 64 people who need 64 x 8 people to get them a phone (and so on).

So unless you're at the top you're knacked.


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