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Mobile Phone Jammers - What OFCOM Say!


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Just found this over on the Ofcom website, about what companies can do when people use their phones in places like theatres, cinemas, etc, rather than using an illegal phone jamming device. The short article can be found here! :rotfl:

That's the best advice I've ever seen! :rotfl: :suicide:



I presume it's some kind of blanket powerful frequency sent out. I wonder what the tin-foil hat brigade of their brains being 'microwaved'.


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mobile phone jammers, great! give me 2 of them!....in fact bugger ive just though it wouldnt stop people playing crackly distorted music through them on public transport would it, darn! back to the drawing board.
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Solomon Grundy

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or do what I do and take the phone and stamp on it (note: only if they are younger and weaker than me).


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very true, what i might do is record some static noise as an MP3, you know when a channel isnt tuned in quite right, then transfer it to my phone and when a numpty starts blasting out their Garage music (stange it always seems to be Garage style music that people blast out) i'll sit next to them and start blasting them with my music!


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If cinemas installed jammers then my wife and I would not be able to go anymore. We have three children, one of them is only 3. We need our phone/s on vibrate should our babysitter have an emergency.

We can't afford to be uncontactable for a few hours.

We only go to the cinema once in a blue moon due to the cost, but it is a nice treat when there is something watchable.

Our phones are set to vibrate. We then go outside of the theatre to check the call.

We also tend to only go to showings where there are a handful of people watching - prefer to see a film at the end of it's run rather than get kicked to death in the back of a "premier" arse killing seat by some local chav....

Solomon Grundy

Distinguished Member
dangerous to think like that now, look at the number of dead via stabbings and shootings in london this year and last year by "youths"

The chavs go to Cineworld where is is cheaper (and next to the council estate) and they don't have to get a bus into the city centre. It's mainly students at the Vue and I could probably take a couple of them on before it got a bit tricky.

Anyway I've done it a couple of times now and the poor kid has always crapped himself because I get this crazy wild look when I'm angry...pretty funny really but I guess you have to be there. If they look a bit handy I just boil up but leave it alone, maybe complain to the staff if they are always on it.


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Maybe mobile phones should have 'cinema' mode, like flight mode, with some functions swtiched off.

Some mobile are so bright when used, it's like having the illuminations near by.

Maybe cinemas could fight back - install equipment to pick up signals, log the number, then spam thier ass with reminders not to use thier phone. :devil:

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