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Hi, i've never looked into this issue before but i've learnt that there are different OS to look into when buying a mobile phone. I've always gone for the new and best one out at the time, but never looked too much into it.

I've been reading through peoples threads and seen that some people rate the MS OS and others the symbian OS. But what is it you look for in an OS. Ive also come accross provides own OS, like nokia and SE.

What are all the different type you can get??
What makes up a smartphone, is it the OS it uses??
What OS system do you need to be able to use sat nav on your mobile??

This prob all sounds stupid!!



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I think you are looking into it too deeply. Its not like a computer where the OS makes a big difference. There are differences, but the end result is the same for the user.

A smart phone is a phone with PDA functions, thats all.

I know that versions of the sybian OS can run sat nav, and I presume the MS ones can too.

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woody67 said:
I know that versions of the sybian OS can run sat nav, and I presume the MS ones can too.
Correct. MS Windows Mobile can indeed run satnav. I use Tom Tom (also available for symbian phones) and a bluetooth gps.

I also agree with Woody that your looking too deeply. When looking for a new device be it, computer or phone, you should not buy it based on the operating system. YOu should always buy phones/spec PC's on what you want to be able to do.


first step is think, what do I want to be able to do with this phone/computer?
second, what applications will enable me to perform these functions/goals?
third, what operating system do these applications run on?
fourth, buy the hardware to run the above (if there are mulitple devices capable of doing this then set new filters for yourself and extra's based on your priorities ... such as price or prefered manufacturer or reviews)

Try not to buy based on Operating System but on what you want to be able to do with it.

best of luck!

*edit* I thought Nokia's (at least the smartphones) run Symbian? Could be wrong though!
ask urself do you want a phone with pda capabilities or a pda with phone capabilities??
if its phone with pda then symbian is fine and tom tom will work
if its a pda with phone stick to windows mobile/pocket pc as ul get a lot more support and software etc and tomtom works great
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